Downpipes BMW F07 F10 F11 F12 550i 550ix 650i


Stainless steel.


550i, 550ix (F07 - F10 - F11)

650i (F12)

750i, 750ix (F01 - F02 - F03)

X5M, X5 50ix (E70)

X6M, X6 50ix, hybrid x6 (E71 - E72)

A turbo impeller wheel speed is mostly limited by the exhaust back pressure within the system.

If one could eliminate some or most of this exhaust back pressure, the turbo will spool that much faster and effortlessly resulting in quicker engine revs and increased HP.

The down pipes are designed with the intent to maximize power. These down pipes are created with the least amount of restrictions possible by utilizing a full 3" piping throughout with the least amount of bends possible. What you will experience is a faster, more responsive engine because the turbo impeller now has the ability to spool that much faster.

The end result is more power. Made from 304 stainless steel the handmade construction process ensures a robust and durable exhaust that will provide trouble free performance with the longevity to match.

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